A downloadable game for Windows

  • 2-4 player reaction-based party game
  • How to play: Press the button combos above the other players to shoot them. Last outlaw standing wins the game.
  • Controls: Controllers or keyboard:
    • Player 1 (Nathan Steele) – WASD
    • Player 2 (Gold-Jack Bigsby) – IJKL
    • Player 3 (Annabelle Gilmore) – Arrow keys
    • Player 4 (Mortimer McCreep) – TFGH

  • Planet Og’Lob needs a Space Cowboy from Earth. Everyone in Bullet City wants that million dollar paycheck, and there’s no competition if you shoot everyone else.
  • 4 outlaws from the Wild West:
    • Nathan Steele, the notorious train robber
    • Gold-Jack Bigsby, the deranged gold digger
    • Annabelle Gilmore, the deadly dancer
    • Mortimer McCreep, the cursed undertaker


Last Space Cowboy.zip 36 MB

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